I have an announcement!

After much consideration and a lot of encouragement I decided to leave this blog behind and start a new one, in collaboration with my husband, focused on food, delicious recipes, stories, and our life together.

Please check it out and start following Our Savory Life.

Not ready to move on? Here is a little peak at what you’ll find on the new blog:

Welcome to Our Savory Life. I’m Bri but you’ll get to know me as Belle and my husband as Beau (our nicknames for each other since we started dating).

For us, cooking isn’t just about food. It’s about telling a story. It’s about inviting others into our lives. Our crazy, delicious lives. This is our savory life.

So pull up a chair. Join us as we journey through this life, with Jesus as our aim, bringing people together around a table filled with food, love, and many, many stories.

Thank you to all who followed me and journeyed with me on to Know Love. I hope you find just as much satisfaction, if not more, at Our Savory Life.