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“The poet’s noblest work was his life; and his poetry would grow out of his life. But the poetry would never be as important as his life.”

And Mother Teresa
“In my culture and tradition, the highest praise that can be given someone is, ‘Yu, u nobuntu” an acknowledgement that he or she has this wonderful quality: ubuntu. It is a reference to their actions to their fellow human beings, it has to do with how they see themselves within their intimate relationships, their familial relationships, and with their broader community. Ubuntu addresses a central tenet of African philosophy: the essence of what it is to be human.”

“God created man in His own image, the image of God He created them; male and female He created them” (Genesis 1:27).


I came face to face with it in Thailand.

It has been too difficult for me to disclose what I have encountered and I am not content with my inability; therefore, I have securely locked myself in the flat I am residing in. I’m not coming out until I write to you something of what I saw…it has already been two hours….



She had no idea how long I had been praying for her. Her first encounter of me was when I walked up on her porch. For me, my first encounter of her was in late October when I was told I would be going to Thailand. My prayers of intercession for the people I would meet included her. She was seeing me for the first time but I had been praying for her for 3 months now.

My eyes examined all of her:
Rotted teeth with dried blood caked on the faithful remaining
Left leg missing up to her knee. The tip of it smeared in something white…I wondered how long since it had been treated.
Her eyes bloodshoot
Face with splotches…discoloration? Absence of showser? Medicine?
Fingers crippled and unable to be used. She would point with her whole hand.
And then she smiled…and all I saw was beauty.

I am not so brave. I hesitated to sit down next to her. The effects of leprosy had left her body irreversibly mutilated. I remembered how Jesus would touch people. I reached out my hand and rested it on her shoulder. I spoke my broken Thai and she spoke her broken English. In a moment like this the most valuable voice was that of my translator. I sat quietly as this old lady explained to the translator that her husband left her a few years ago. She has been afflicted with leprosy and she cannot sleep in the night because what’s left of her leg bothers her.
Now it’s my turn. I am to respond to this lady. She has been through more heartache and pain than I even knew of and my voice becomes the one she waits on. I crucify my fear and my belief in my insecurity. The thing is…she and I are the same. Made by the same Father, pursued by the same Lover, living in a world we are foreigners to. He told me, “Brianne. Brianne. I know her. I have seen every day of her life. I was there when her husband left, when she lost her leg. I was there last night. I have all authority to speak to her. Right now I have chosen you to exercise that authority.” I spoke up and asked if I could pray for her leg…at that moment the thing I wanted most was for her to sleep well. I wanted to know if she knew Jesus too… yet at this chosen time what I craved for her to know was that I, that Jesus, cared about her restlessness. She nodded. I bowed my head and was prompted within to touch her knee as I prayed. I had no time to contemplate the white gunk on her or if touching her knee would cause her pain. As I spoke out His name I moved my hand to her knee and I prayed.

I looked up and she grabbed my hand with her palms. She said in Thai, “I love you.” And in that moment, on that bamboo chair in Chantaburi there was no other human being I wanted to hear that from. No other who could have said those words to me and meant it like she did. I said it too and I meant it…only because He let me see her with His eyes. Only because He knows her…He let me know her too.

I was able to see her again a few days later. I grabbed my translator, “Please ask her if she slept last night.” I waited, probably too impatiently, for the translation to go through. The translator looked at me, “Yes. She says she sleeps now. She only wakes early in the morning because the rooster crows.”

He is sovereign. I am a 23 year old lady from Colorado Springs who knows little about severe illness and the sorrow of a runaway husband but He brought me to her, to pray for her and then He healed her discomfort. There is no way I would ever EVER want to follow anyone else. I’ll let Him lead me to the Valley of Achor

Because I know Him.
…..Because I trust His love.



Probably not what you expected.

"You are beautiful and it is the least interesting thing about you."

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