Ruth 1:16
“Do not urge me to leave you or turn back from following you; for where you go, I will go, and where you lodge, I will lodge. Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God.”

There is a woman my heart aches for. I have not seen her or met her. I have only recently heard of her. She hides well, under the weight of statistics in a place I have never been to.

She has a name but I do not know it. Her true beauty is hidden but I desire to see it come forth as the Lord created it to be. Right now she is known as one of the 20,000-2,000,000 women that work on the streets of Pattaya,Thailand selling her body. She works as a prostitute to feed her children, to support herself, to fulfill the request of her family.
Throughout the world, Thailand is the center of the sex trade. Pattaya, a high traffic docking area for boats and ships, has become a large tourist attraction. Prostitution brings in a considerable amount of revenue. So while it is illegal, the government turns a blind eye-that’s what money does. At one point this woman may have realized that she does have worth, that she has more value than the $10 (US) but at some point you need to make a living-and that’s what money does.
The Tamar Center located in Pattaya, Thailand responded to the desperation that littered the streets of this city. They go out into the bars and speak with the women, building relationships with them and telling them of the love of Jesus Christ. They not only tell them there is a better life, they offer it. Once a woman chooses to leave the lifestyle of prostitution they can be trained by the Tamar center. They learn how to bake or how to decorate cards. They can then work and earn a living through their new talent. The Tamar Center also offers free English classes as well as bible studies and bible classes. These women are not only rescued but they are cared for and trained.

On Monday, December 31st a team of 12 girls will leave from Reef to Outback to go and support the Tamar Center, to offer our time and love. Each of us has prayed over this decision and has felt the call of the Lord to go to Thailand and love these women. We have spent weeks praying and preparing for this journey the Lord desires to take us on.

Our desire is simple, to see these women come to the saving knowledge of Christ and experience the fullness of life He offers. The ramifications of this is great, rescuing generations of women from a lifestyle that robs them so personally of their value and beauty.

We have 2 goals to see this happen: an empty bar and to bring forth Naomi and Ruth relationships.

Project “Your God is now my God”:

As our outreach team came together to pray we had the impression of an older woman (working as a prostitute) coming to saving knowledge of Christ and completely abandoning herself to His call. She became a strong advocate against prostitution and served the Lord and the Tamar Center to rescue young women from this lifestyle. As she ministered to the women she used to work alongside they too came to saving knowledge of Christ and left everything agreeing with the older woman, “Your God is now my God.” We pray for Naomi and Ruth relationships to be established.
We desire to see Thai women standing up for their worth and value while serving the Lord.

Project “Empty Bar”:

It is Friday night in Pattaya. The lights are bright and the tourists are loud. People filter in and out of bars. It is early, 7:00PM, and the night ahead is long. There is one bar in particular, this bar is silent. It is empty. All the prostitutes have been bought.
$10 (US) and we can buy a prostitute for a night.
For one night we can each rescue a woman from what lies ahead and show her love and kindness – for just $10.
You can be a pivotal part in helping us save a woman for a night.
Our desire is not to buy just 2 or 3 women but to buy out the WHOLE bar. We could use your help.
Imagine being the reason for a busy bar in the middle of Pattaya empty and shut down by 7:00PM. Imagine the impact.
This truly is partnership in ministry at its best. You contribute $10 and our team will be the hands and feet of Jesus to these women.

To find out more please visit this link and watch the video.

Visit the below link to donate $10 by Wednesday, December 26 to Brianne to rescue a prostitute for a night.