Wow…the first entry in my new blog. Surely it is expected to be quite epic. You know grab the reader so they keep on reading. I doubt any of my blogs will be so ethereal. I guess it depends on the reader, but I so selfishly am most concerned about what the writer thinks (me), that’s why I started this blog. Not for you…but me.

Today I bought a Moleskine journal. It is my first amongst my many journals. The front of this unopened journal reads the teasing words, “The legendary notebook of Hemmingway, Picasso, and Chatwin.” Does this speak of hope for poor writers or did Moleskine feel it of importance that I be informed?! I secretly want it to be a promise. Maybe one day it will read Hemmingway, Picasso, Chatwin, AND Mullins…but actually not Mullins. I would be much more content if they use my husband’s last name. Although I will probably have no say in it because I will be dead but I will have arrived-ha!

No more about Moleskine…the journal taunts me as it sets in front of me. I can no longer blog, I must write. My thoughts and heart belong to those pages and to my Lord. This blog can have some of them:)